September Senior Spotlight

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The Senior Spotlight winner for the month of September is TJ Sforza. TJ is the son of Katy Sforza and the grandson of Jerry Tessler. During his high school career, TJ was involved in Golf, Student Council, NHS, Math Team, Scholastic Bowl, WYSE, Speech, Concert Choir, Madrigals, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Solo and Ensemble, SSA, World Language Club, Thespians, Fall Play, Spring Musical, Broadway Revue, Science Club, RC Chatter, Marching Band, Pep Band, and Book Club. He was also a Class Officer, Writing Center helper, Homework Depot tutor, and a Student of the Month.

His future plans are to attend a private university out East to study Forensic Accounting with a minor in Criminal Justice and to pursue a career in government.

Here are a few thoughts from TJ’s teachers:

Mrs. Dennis says that TJ is “a talented, smart, organized, and mature young man. He has a fantastic work ethic, understands commitment, and has a great sense of humor”. Mrs. Valiente states that, “to try and sum up TJ’s brilliance in 1 or 2 comments is virtually impossible. Not only is he more responsible than I am as a working adult, but he balances his overflowing plate with grace and dignity. I commend his work ethic, his intrinsic drive, and his never faltering smile. He genuinely inspires me to be a better person, and I can’t wait to see where life carries him.” Mrs. Bugg is confident that TJ “will be the president of the United States as soon as he turns 35.  He is one in a MILLION.” Mrs. McGarey appreciates that TJ “is a snappy dresser, is always upbeat, tries hard, and is involved in so many activities.  I love having him on the Scholastic Bowl team.” Mrs. Leveille says that, “there is not enough space to express all the positive comments to share about him! I had the pleasure of having him in our Honors Biology class as a freshman. I was impressed with his ever cheerful demeanor and attitude.  Certainly not what is typical for a freshman.  He was always willing to help others and go the “extra mile” for anyone. I am amazed at all the extracurricular activities he is involved in. His singing is amazing, and I have enjoyed seeing all of his performances in the school plays. TJ was also a 3rd place medalist in English at our WYSE regional competition last year.” Mrs. Sukley says that TJ’s “kind heart, infectious personality and desire for success are just a few of the things about TJ I admire. If anyone is deserving of a ‘spotlight’ award, it’s TJ. I’m so proud of him and so honored that I’ve got to witness him grow into the awe-inspiring person he has become.” Mr. Swanson appreciates that TJ “has always been responsible about attending Speech practices. He pays attention to detail and accepts criticism well, making sure to work with every single coach and always looking to improve himself.” Mrs. Johnston believes that TJ is “one of the most responsible young men I have ever met.  He gets things done. TJ doesn’t make excuses; if something gets in his way he finds a way around it.  He also cares for others and will go out of his way to help others.  He is an excellent role model for underclassmen.” Mr. Mangan states that TJ is “an incredibly well-rounded student, accomplished in virtually all areas in the school. He is charismatic and mature and he dedicates himself to all of his commitments. In the arts, he is an exceptional talent. He is an independent musician and actor, yet he is also a capable leader in the large group ensembles. He is confident in his abilities but strives to consistently improve. He seeks feedback and applies it to his performances. TJ has a bright future ahead of him and is truly deserving of this honor.” Mr. Carrescia acknowledges that TJ is “such a hard worker; he is able to accomplish things in and out of the classroom that by his own admission he didn’t think he should be able to do.” Mr. Meyer is “proud to have had TJ play for me for 4 years. His dedication and effort in all things he does at RCHS are exemplary. I am excited for his future and to see what he can accomplish.” Ms. Askew says that “TJ is a very hard-working, bright student who is always willing to lend a hand. He is a great role model for younger students.” Mrs. Benoit believes that “TJ is a model student and when focusing on his character and his success under the scope, it becomes clear how TJ impacts the culture at RC.  He always exhibits confidence and patience when necessary, never anxious.  He speaks up for his classmates when concerns need to be expressed.  He shows a genuine interest in others. TJ is always happy.  He makes his school life more enjoyable by getting to know his teachers and other students, doing whatever he can to brighten someone’s day. Academics are also high on TJ’s priority list.  He puts forth his best focus on his work, even when his golfing schedule becomes intense.” Ms. Barber says that TJ “is a student who has truly left his mark on RCHS. He is an exceptional student with a great work ethic. But what stands out more, is his strong character. TJ is a student who is kind, genuine and never complains. He is a leader and makes a positive impact on everyone he comes in contact with. TJ will be a tremendous asset to any college or university lucky enough to have him. I have no doubt he will go far in his future pursuits.” Mr. Voris is grateful for TJ’s “continued involvement in the Chatter Newscast. For most of his high school career, he has graciously volunteered his time to be an on camera personality for the Chatter Newscast. His flexibility to adapt to our hectic weekly schedule is very much appreciated. The Chatter’s goal is to provide everyone with news about RCHS and I can’t think of a better ambassador to represent RCHS for all our viewers.” 

As a final thought, TJ’s advice to younger students is

“to get involved in as many activities as possible, stay confident, and not to let your past define your future.” 

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, we would like to congratulate TJ Sforza as our September winner of the Senior Spotlight.